NO Maximum thickness for stucco.

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We have a situation where the post-tensioned slab overhangs our CMU wall up to 2-inches in some areas (not uniform). Adjusting the solid base isn't an option and wee need to make the final finish flush (CMU to PT slab).
What is the maximum thickness of a plaster wall over CMU?
I was thinking we could apply multiple coats and work in a layer with self-furring lath for internal strength.
Are there certain things we could also do like use bonding agent, fibers, mesh etc.?
Have you ever had to do something like this?

2 inches is nothing.
The wall just needs to be built up with two or three scratch coats, scarifying every time.
You have a lot of shrinkage cracks, but that is fine. The finish coat should fill them in.
You may want to let the finish set up a week before putting on the finish.
We once straightened up a basement where the concrete was 5 inches out of square. 5 inches thick. It still looks fine today
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