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What happened to the window sill?

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What happened to the window sill ???
Good window sill
Good sill design- top pitched for water run-off, bottom pitched toprevent water from running back to wall, drip groove to
prevent water from running back.
Click here or on the picture for more.
bad window sill
Simple one by four band-the trend
is typical on new or  houses remodeled in recent years. These"sills"
do more harm than good by deflecting
water between the window and the band,
or running water into the wall.
Click here or on the picture for more.
the trend in Remodeling and new building for the last several yearshas been the deletion of the window sill altogether, or
a simple 1 by 4 band around the bottom. THIS PRACTICE MUST STOP ifwe are going to produce a product that will last.

The function of the sill is to divert water away from the house and
not towards it.

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 Ask the pros
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Can I stucco over cast concrete fake brick ? 

Attaching metal lath and foam board to concrete

Leak from lack of kick-out
 flashing, not from stucco.

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