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Mr Bad Stucco himself, Carl Brown, is one of the most prolific writers
about stucco on the web.

Following is some of the best messages I have received from Carl.
The links and pictures are representative of some of the awful work the
building and remodeling industry produces every day.

Wood trim had no moisture barrier under it! There were three windows on three
different floors stacked up ! The wood rot guy put on new wood and left!:
These pix are over 1 megabyte so you may not want to download them
if you don't have broadband. I didn't edit the pictures because I thought the detail
was important. Not how the vertical expansion joint funnels water into the windows:
 badstucco/badstucco 034.jpg
 badstucco/badstucco 035.jpg

About mold:


Good reading:

Carl, thanks so much for your dedication to our industry.

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