Patch and match

                finish Bag
Bag finish on 1930's house has a bag finish.  We didn't know to tear off the tyvek then. Wall was stippled with a wet burlap bag and the finish was washed down with a brush.
                bag finish Stucco
                bag finish
Another bag finish house with a different
New bay window gets the bag.
                bag finish Stucco
                bag finish
New wall matches the old house exactly. Pattern was made by filling the bag about
2" deep with mortar and smacking the wall.
                dash on finish Pebble
                dash stucco
Pattern is made by dashing on mortar and water with a brush. You can't find my patches. Pebble dash. A mortar and pebble mix is
thrown on the wall with a scoop.
                bag stipple Stucco
                trowel stipple
A stipple is made with a bag or a trowel Patch is stippled with a trowel
California spanish texture Stucco
                float finish
California-style spanish texture


A typical float finish. Wall is floated with a rubber float pulling the sand up from the mix leaving the surface rough but flat.