Stucco at King's Dominion

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A virtual tour of the incredible stucco work in King's Dominion, an amusement park in Virginia.
August, 2006

skip-trowel texture Cement
                  mortar mud
"Stone" seats were done from re-bar and metal lath.
We call this texture skip-trowel.
Mud hut ? Cement mortar mud.
                  stones on jack arch Stones
                  are color cement mortar.
Stones on jack arch were hand done in place. Fooled you, I bet. Stones are color cement mortar.
Base of
                  stones is stucco Dash on
Base of stones is stucco, not precast concrete. 
Corners are straight.
Dash on stucco was done with a brush or
a wisk broom.
                  lace stucco Knock
                  down texture
Heavy lace stucco. Knock down texture.
                  and hand done stones Temple
                  is made to look like cut stones
The tomb raider ride is mostly synthetic, but still realistic. The picture shows casts and hand done stones. Temple is made to look like cut stones.
                  dash stucco Even pebble dash stucco ! Some of the plasterers who worked here were from Richmond (Virginia, of course) but I expect
the majority were from California. Large variety of textures, colors and finishes show off the flexibility of design and function of the material we work with. 
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