Walking on a Spanish tile roof

Ask the pros-August, 2006
By Reggie Bullard

Walking on a Spanish tile roof 

I wanted to tell you and your readers that I own a 1928 Spanish Colonial Revival with a "tile" roof.  Your comments about preventing cracking is very beneficial and I've referred to them several times since I've been following your site. 

Just a little trick I learned when dealing with any slate/clay tile 

Take several sand bags and fill up to about 75% of capacity (40lbs)
Place two sand bags approx. 12 ft apart on your roof
Place a 2x12 on "top"of each sand bag and allow your weight to contour the  sandbag around the tile.
From that point you can work out in any direction to plaster 
Retrace your steps and "breakdown" each section to the beginning.

I've used this technique several times and it works great.  All you need is a bunch of 2x12's and some sandbags.  Not only does it save on roofing repair expenses but it allows you to cover a large area.  It's almost like  having scaffolding on your roof.

Take care Reggie!

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