Vaulted ceiling Barrel
Vaulted ceiling Elliptical arches with gothic vault ceiling between.
                ceiling curved
Cast coffer ceiling with plaster cornice. Radius molding is adorned with cast plaster filigree.

i went to college in birmingham england back in 1985, when i was 16 years old. I did a 4 year apprenticeship
,,which was part college part on the job site training..
i worked for various companies during that time at a very small wage?????
i carried on with plastering for companies in england for many years after my apprenticship, and i moved to the
u.s.a in 1995..i moved to atlanta georgia, i was very sad not to find any plastering companies on my arrival, my
first job here was with eifs, i was very sad and i quit the same day. i worked for various companies doing stucco
work , and every now and again came across some plaster work  for the companies i worked for, of course i
had my hands up to do the work for them.
one company here w.c.c started to look for plaster work after i joined them so i was quiet busy with them, but
they never appreciated me , or my trade. and all ways tried to rush the jobs, as we all know there is no rush if
you want a good plaster finish. one job i did which was in an area called buck head, was about 20.000 sq. ft of
blueboard and veneer plaster, i loved that. while i was on this job, every day i noticed a house across the street
getting bigger and bigger, i knew it would have plaster in it by its size and style.
about two days after the completion of the house i had been working on , i get a call from a j.c.gibson a
plastering contractor from ga. I'd heard of him but had never met .he said he had heard of me and asked if i
would work on a house for him. of course i was delighted. so i met him the next day , and we drove to the ne w
project. it was the house i had been watching grow every day.
well its is the house that the photos were taken in i sent you. after a couple of weeks j.c. gibson pulled of the
job due to a disagreement over money. and i was the new contractor.so that's how i got into business for my
self. by the way, i called j.c.gibson and he gave me his full backing to do the work, and has been a good friend
since then.
he is a commercial contractor and doesn't like residential, of which i am quiet the opposite.
any way, the photos you are seeing are from a 30,000 sq ft house at 900.w.conway, buckhead ga.
the house belongs to a Mr. mark hawn his wife and 3 children.
during my time at the house i have taken on more plaster contracts for the builder mark.a palmer inc.
and have completed many more projects. i am looking to find more builders who are looking for experienced
plasterers, i think the problem is they try to get the home owners to go with sheet rock because of the lack o f
experienced help here in ga.
but i seem to be making contacts and its still early days for my business.
most of my work is from word of mouth , but i do run a small add in a local paper for repairs and remodels.

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