Info on Stucco and Plastering-- April, 2013 -  thirty-sixth big issue !

Curved walls are easy with swami's mystic rope trick.
Curved wall in
                              Washington DC

ir towers and large curves such as barrel ceilings can be tricky. The idea is to get the wall both straight and round.

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to brown the wall in.
Veneer plaster basecoat in
                                Washington DC
Veneer plaster:

The basecoat plaster for veneer plaster,
also called thin coat plaster is super hard
and impact resistant for a thin layer.

Here we're plastering a bathroom in Washington, DC.

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Storefront windows:
                      stucco              SWAMI STUCCO
Mystic secrets revealed !
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Veneer plaster

Storefront windows
Design for failure
Follow the instruction
I took this picture of this building in Washington, DC. The stucco application is failing because
the stucco sticks out past the window mullion
allowing water penetration.
Design for failure: This 4 year old house in Arlington, Virginia has severe rot under all the windows. In this case, the material is a cement basecoat with a synthetic (fake) finish. Not only does the material project out past the window
mullion, but the weep groove is filled with an ugly
gob of caulk.
Follow the instructions:
The manufacturer of these windows made
a well designed system for drainage for water that enters the window and for condensation. These weep grooves are frequently sealed with caulk, causing damage and rot.
Please check out  this
 great site:

Artisan finishes: Don Latimer's great work.
Portland Cement Association      
Stucco Manufacturers Association

A resource for 3 coat stucco. 

Check out my videos.
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I am in Northern Virginia, in the Washington, DC area. These aren't
just Virginia Stucco problems



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