Info on Stucco and Plastering-- January 2013 -  thirty-fifth big issue !

The truth about asbestos in plaster.

Myth:"Any plaster made before 1981 contains asbestos"
      Although the use of asbestos dates back for centuries,United States Gypsum, the largest manufacturer of plaster did not use asbestos in it's materials until the 1920's.
      The before 1981 rule may refer to lead paint, but not asbestos in plaster.
      Probably the most hazardous use of asbestos in plaster was the use of asbestos fibers in acoustic plaster that was used widely in the 1950's.
      The main use of acoustic plaster was in churches and schools.
       Acoustic plaster was a lightweight, soft plaster for ceilings that was mainly used for noise reduction in areas where people converged, for example in a church narthex and hallways in schools.
        Acoustic plaster is easily identified... Click for more
                      stucco              SWAMI STUCCO
Backwards flashing in
                      synthetic stucco Leesburg, Virginia

Note how the flashing is angled back toward the wall, driving water into the wall.
I guess they didn't read my column on flashing windows.
rot in synthetic stuuco in
                      Leesburg, VA

The wood framing next to the window was
wet and mushy like oatmeal.
Mystic secrets revealed !
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What is the difference between stucco and parging ?

               Backwards flashing causes severe rot near Leesburg, Virginia.
6 year old house has a cement basecoat  and a synthetic (fake) finish. Please click here to see what I said about backwards flashing.
EIFS done right

EIFS done right
Please check out  this
 great site:

Artisan finishes: Don Latimer's great work.
Portland Cement Association      
Stucco Manufacturers Association
A resource for 3 coat stucco. 

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I am in Northern Virginia, in the Washington, DC area. These aren't just Virginia Stucco problems

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