Sto corporation claims

highly toxic materials are "green"

June, 2016- Virginia- I would be apathetic if I don't say something.

What is a MSDS ?

First, I should explain what a MSDS, or Material Data Safety Sheet is. My first experience with a Material Safety Data Sheet was in 1993. We put in a huge lath and cement plaster ceiling at Andrews Air Force Base. I was required to bring printed documents, from material manufacturers, for example, Portland cement, metal lath, etc. These sheets were kept in a file cabinet in the job superintendent's office.

The idea was to warn of any hazards of materials, and first aid for injuries by that material.

Each manufacturer writes their own Safety Data Sheet. These aren't written by another party talking trash just to bad mouth their material.

"Respirators and a full body suit should be worn. Leftover material to be disposed of in a landfill appoved for toxic waste."

Doesn't sound earth friendly to me. This was in the old STO MSDS from last year. The new MSDS reads:
Eye/Face Protection:
Wear appropriate protective glasses or splash goggles as described by 29 CFR 1910.133, OSHA eye and face protection regulation, or the European standard EN 166.
Skin Protection Description:
Wear appropriate protective gloves and other protective apparel to prevent skin contact. Consult manufacturer's data for permeability data.
Hand Protection Description:
Nitrile rubber or natural rubber gloves are recommended.
Respiratory Protection:
A NIOSH approved air-purifying respirator with an organic vapor cartridge or canister may be permissible under certain circumstances where airborne concentrations are expected to exceed exposure limits. Protection provided by air purifying respirators is limited. Use a positive pressure air supplied respirator if there is any potential for an uncontrolled release, exposure levels are not known, or any other circumstances where air purifying respirators may not provide adequate protection.

Other manufacturers are required to provide the same MSDS sheets, including Dryvit, Total Wall, Parex, etc.

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Capillary Action

Does water really wick up in stucco ?

June, 2016- Washington, DC- No, drinking birds don't work by capillary action.

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Non-Profit Stucco Links

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A non profit resource for plaster and stucco. California translation: "Scrub" means stucco finish coat. "Putty coat" means white coat, or finish coat of interior plaster.

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