The new stucco-polypse is coming !

One coat stucco is leading to a new disaster.

This diaster is going to be as big as the EIFS rot of the late 1990's

The reason one coat is taking over is because it is fast, cheap, and low skilled. Frequently EIFS is torn off and replaced with one coat by the same EIFS workers who put the EIFS on in the first place.

I have first hand knowledge of the new stuccopolypse, which is worse than the EIFS catastrophe in the late 1990's. We just finished replacing a 9 year old one coat stucco application that caused severe rot. We have replaced this material in the past where rot was found. I know the stuccopolypse is brewing because of the phone calls I have been getting explaining severe rot has been found on these houses. The callers usually decribe the houses as having hard coat stucco, but I am positive it is one coat. This material is used widely in Vienna and Oakton, Virginia. The only houses I know of done in the last 20 years in Vienna and Oakton with real trditional stucco are the ones we did.

We met with a Homeowner Association in a neighborhood where we replaced the EIFS with real stucco. The president said the house across the street was replaced with real stucco. I said, no it's not real stucco. It is One coat stucco with a synthetic finish. The details around the windows are EIFS, and sealed tight. The same thing that rotted the house to begin with. "No, it' not." "Yes it is." "No, it' not." "Yes it is." I can't get anywhere arguing.

Even Tyvek says tyvek is not recommended for one coat or 3 coat stucco, but is is the norm. Forget the two layers we use or the Rain screen, the bond breaker and what ever.

Stucco doesn't have to conform to building codes, which is both good and bad. Rediculous specs and regulations can do more harm than good. However, manufacturers recommendations for window installation, house wraps, and sheathing that are ignored are defects,which lead to more defective building, like the EIFS fallout in 1999.

Doesn't it make sense that 3/4" mortar is less permeable than 1/4" ?.

Doesn't it also make sense that half price is usually half the quality ?

Remember you heard it here. Thanks for visiting my site all these years