sprinklers hit the stucco everyday

Dear Reggie,
I have a stucco construction question I hope you can help me with.
We had some french doors installed on a sheer wall which had to be reinforced and eventually re-stuccoed. This was about 1 1/2 years ago. We recently discovered mold growing inside our house. Upon investigating possible water sources we narrowed it down to a planted area outside where sprinklers hit the stucco everyday. The contractor explained that the area against the house every so often has a "weepscreed" (not sure on spelling) installed the let the house breathe.
Exactly where the water source is entering the house the "weepscreed" was not installed right up the the house, but approx. 1 1/2 inches from the house...you can actually stick your hand between the house and the weepscreet. This area is approximately 2 feet long, then the weepscreed goes right up to the house from that point on.
Is this proper construction? or did the contractor possibly install this section incorrectly?...

Change the direction of the sprinklers !

Stucco is a porous material, like brick, and water will soak through. Even tarpaper or grade D paper will soak through in an hour.
The stucco is fine. It is OK to have a gap at between the back of the weep screed and the house, even if there is exposed wood. The fact the stucco contractor used weep screed shows they are better than most.
It's OK to leave a gap between the stucco and the house

It's OK to have a gap between the drip or weep and the house.