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The Coming Stucco-Pocalypse ?

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This last issue on one coat stucco hit the nail on the head. I have written about one coat stucco before. It is marketed as real stucco, hard coat stucco, etc. but it is far from traditional 3 coat stucco.

One Coat stucco rots house

in Washington, DC.

One Coat stucco rots house in Washington, DC.

One coat stucco base coat comes in a bag marked one coat stucco. The basecoat requires adding sand, or some already has sand. The basecoat normally is applied between 1/4" to 3/8" thick instead of the industry standard thickness for traditional stucco of 3/4 of an inch. Traditional stucco has cement and sand finish coat, where one coat has a synthetic finish. Synthetic finish is an acrylic paint, usually with plastic sand.

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Non-Profit Stucco Links

Technical Services Information Bureau

A non profit resource for plaster and stucco. California translation: "Scrub" means stucco finish coat. "Putty coat" means white coat, or finish coat of interior plaster.

Portland Cement Association

Standards for Installation of cement stucco.

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