Info on Stucco and Plastering-- January 2012 -  thirty-second big issue !

This is important--Please read this !!!
Flashing rubber membrane roofs for stucco

We were called in to repair two leaking  roofs that were recently installed. The roof
below was put on by a large roofing contractor in the Washington, DC area. We worked
behind this company before and the counter flashing was done by an old buzzard that
knew what he was doing.  The young whippersnappers need to get with the program.

swami stucco
counter flashing
counter flashing


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Stucco cut back for roof repair

A new rubber membrane roof installation was leaking into the house right below the wall.
Here, the stucco is cut back using a diamond blade.
counter flashing

A side view of the new counter flashing with a flange and a stucco stop.



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removing the counter

Removing the counter flashing showed why it failed. It didn't go back far enough to cover the stucco. Note a reglet, or groove, was cut into the stucco.
new counter flashing
                        is put on

Our new counter flashing is put on and the top is sealed against the old tarpaper with tape. They make a sealer for this, also.
Please check out  this great site:

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stucco patched

Metal lath is put on over the the flashing
and filled in with mortar.

I have more pictures and details about
this and another project.

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sidebarMORE LINKS:

Artisan finishes: Don Latimer's great work.
Portland Cement Association      

Stucco Manufacturers Association
A resource for 3 coat stucco. 
For a good resource on flashing,
please click here. I downloaded this

                                        I am  in Northern Virginia, in the Washington, DC area.
                                         These  aren't just Virginia Stucco problems.

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