Info on Stucco and Plastering-- March 2012 -  thirty-third big issue !

How was permastone done ?
Permastone was a brand name for a system of Simulated stone stucco that was popular in the 1950's. Other brands included Formstone, from Baltimore, Maryland,
Rostone, and there were others.
                      for making simulated stone stucco

A set of permastone tools included the molds with wooden handles for pressing the "stones" on the wall, and a salt shaker for sprinkling the color and mica dust.

Thanks so much to Jeff Collins from Les Collins Plastering in Saint Josephs, Missouri
for this great picture.
Talking to Jeff confirmed to me how this was done. Jeff's father was a plasterer and Jeff
has seen this done.
The molds were lined with wax paper and filled with mortar. Before filling the molds with
mortar color was sprinkled on and well as mica dust. The mica gave the stones a shiny
stone like appearance. The stones were then pressed on the wall using the wooden handles. After the mortar started to set, the wax paper was peeled off, leaving the finished stone.
Later, the stones were sealed by painting them with white gas.
formstone tools

More molds: the hinge molds are for outside corners. Note the scratching tool and

the inside corner tool.
         There were other methods of making simulated stones, which I'll cover below.

swami stucco

              SWAMI STUCCO
Mystic secrets revealed !
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How was permastone done ?

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Formstone, simulated stone stucco plaque in
                      Washington, DC

Formstone, simulated stone stucco plaque in
                      Washington, DC
 A permastone or Formstone franchise gave the contractor access to a lot of benefits, such as these wall plaques, molds and tools, yard signs, and national advertising leads.
   Simulated stone was a golden opportunity
for the plastering contractor, who was displaced in the1950's by the popularity of drywall.
Permastone was a fad that took off, with
the promise of a maintenance free finish. This plaque is in
Washington, DC.


Artisan finishes: Don Latimer's great work.

Portland Cement Association      

Stucco Manufacturers Association
A resource for 3 coat stucco. 

For a good resource on flashing, please click here. I downloaded this from:Building

The history of Formstone, (and permastone, etc.) please click here.
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I am in Northern Virginia, in the Washington, DC area.
These aren't just Virginia Stucco problems.

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