September, 2018

Flannery Plaster trim

Flannery plaster and stucco trim.

This aluminum reveal is a half inch wide and has a 3/4" ground for a 3/4 stucco thickness. See my review of Flannery trim here ...

I was amazed at the quality and the innovation of Flannery Plaster and stucco trim. In addition to these reveals, they make reveals with drip edges, weeps, two piece expansion joints that really expand, and other products improving the quality and value of traditional stucco and plaster applications. Please read more about what I said about Flannery trim here. Their website is clear and informative and you can even download the whole catalog as a PDF file.

Reveals are used for a panelized look.

Reveals are used for a panelized look.

Here, reveals are screw attached to the plastic studs on this ICF (insulated concrete form) construction. This is our job in West Virginia. More about Flannery plaster and stucco trim here ...

More crummy coping causing catastrophe in Tyson's Corner, Virginia, near Washington, DC.

Reveals are used for a panelized look.

Stucco is damaged under the joints in the coping all around this building. More about crummy coping here ...

Non-Profit Stucco Links

Technical Services Information Bureau

A non profit resource for plaster and stucco. California translation: "Scrub" means stucco finish coat. "Putty coat" means white coat, or finish coat of interior plaster.

Portland Cement Association

Standards for Installation of cement stucco.

Your leaking house

Your leaking house is an excellent source of information. Ask Carl Brown, Mr. Bad Stucco himself

Build naturally

Really for profit, outstanding mud plaster and lime plaster work by Sigi Koko

Stuctural stucco in Haiti

More outstanding work by Donald Stevens from Winchester, Virginia.

American Plywwod Asscociation Video

A great illustration on why to space plywood or OSB.

Incredible videos from Vietnam.

A series of videos showing amazing stucco.

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