Is there hope for the building industry?

I used to try to report the positive features of cement stucco

Now I need to report a lot of the negative, and hope someone will read what I have to say. It is sad to see people near me who live in new houses throwing there furniture in the landfill because their house is infested with black mold. Instead of finding and correcting why these houses are leaking, what is the industry's answer ? Mold resistent sheetrock !

I have tried to write about backwards flashing and backwards window sills, but I still see this everywhere I go.

I have tried to communicate the importance of leaving a space between plywood and OSB sheathing, which is a manufacturer's recommendation stamped on the sheets, only to see nasty humps in siding and roofs caused by buckling.

My first website I published in 1996 not only was to show my jobs, but I tried to warn the world about EIFS. EIFS is used more than ever, almost 20 years after the mass tearoffs in North Carolina, and still continues to rot windows and framing. EIFS details on new houses continue to rot wood trim. What is the industry's solution ? Use plastic trim.

Are we living in a world where fast and cheap dominates quality ? Inexperienced people remodel and build houses and the self taught are teaching, so the blind are leading the blind

I hate to hit you in the face with a bunch of negativity, but I hope one day things will improve.

Now you see my mission is to try to change the world at least a little at a time, one reader at a time.

Thanks for visiting my site all these years